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October 13 2014


Find the Best Steelhead Fishing Rods

What to Look For

When you're fishing for steelheads, you need a rod that's strong enough to reel in these frisky trout. This strength will come from the material from which the rod is made; most steelhead rods are made of graphite for both strength and flexibility, although some newer models are titanium-reinforced fibreglass. Steelhead rods are typically longer than standard fishing rods, running from eight to eleven feet in length, although you'll need to pick the actual length of your steelhead fishing rod based upon the kind of tackle you're using.

 According to fishing pro Dennis Hull, the best steelhead fishing rods are typically about 8.5 feet in length and is a bait casting rod. Many steelhead fishermen, however, still love a classic spinning rod with an elongated grip handle that allows for two-handed casting.

Common Pitfalls

Novice fishermen often try to use standard long-length rods for steelheads. This is doomed to fail, however, as steelhead are extremely active and will fight being reeled in with all they have. A standard fishing rod usually isn't strong enough to withstand the prolonged fight from a steelhead. In addition, it's too heavy for your arms, and you will fatigue much more quickly than you would with one of the best steelhead fishing rods. The typical graphite steelhead rod will give you the strength you need at a light weight to keep your arms from falling off.

Where To Buy

Most local sporting goods stores do not carry good steelhead fishing rods. Instead, you need to go to a specialty outdoor store like Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops. These stores will offer you a variety of options in steelhead rods, and you can test them out in person to determine which rod feels best to you. If possible, add your preferred reel to the rod as you test it to give you a better feel of your tackle's final weight.


The price range on steelhead fishing rods is broad. You can find an entry model at Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops for $60 to $70; the higher end models at these stores go up to about $350 in 2010. If you go to a specialty site like FishUSA.com, you can easily go over $600 for a rod. The difference comes from the rod's materials as well as its length. The mid-range models that fall around $150 are usually the best steelhead fishing rods for beginners and casual fishermen.


Once you get beyond the rod itself, there's a whole range of bait and tackle accessories to peruse. You will, of course, need a reel that will cast or spin as you like but will also handle sufficient weight line to bring in a steelhead. Lures and flies are a must, and the variety in those is almost limitless.

October 02 2013

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Fishing tackle Online

Koppies Dam

Koppies Dam has a water capacity of around 42,311,000 cubic meters and covers a surface of 1,439 hectares. The Koppies Dam was built in 1911, it is situated 30km outside the town of Koppies and delivers water to the domestic areas for irrigation. Koppies Dam receives its water from the Renoster River. Right through the year this dam boasts with spring clear water and an abundance in fish. One of the best attributes of the Koppies Dam is the fact that the carp can be found in the shallows, so there is no need to fish deep. One of the best areas for fishing is the Nature Reserve side. For the best fishing info on this dam please visit my source.

Obtain the very best Offer For Ocean Fishing tackle Online

Online fishing shop is frequently a sensible thought considering that you are able to help save lots of cash. You've to used ocean fishing tackle, and when this really is one thing you are searching for, obviously you are going to would like to make particular that you are getting the very best supply attainable, and having to shell out lower than you'll be able to for your ocean fishing tackle online.

The significance from the very best Tackle

In case you are experience in any way with fishing, you presently know the way critical getting the ideal ocean fishing tackle is. Especially in case you are seeking to bait larger sized seafood, you'll need to ensure you've got tackle which is most likely to become adequately powerful to carry them and reel them in.

To generate specific that you will get the best ocean fishing tackle online, shown listed here are a couple of things that you'd probably prefer to realize.

The main kinds are amount taper, taking pictures taper, double taper, and weight forward. Jointly together with your tackle it's also advisable to get the right fishing lures. You are going to uncover many different artificial fishing lures obtainable and each fisherman has his favorite.

It'd take you a little of your time ahead of you achieve your fishing knowledge to determine what your personal favorite fishing lures are.

Keep in mind, ocean fishing tackle online, much like somewhere else, may be pricey, but is value the expenditure residence. The fishing tackle will probably be your most vital fishing provides, and therefore even if you spend a great tiny bit of cash to begin with, whether or not it lets you capture seafood then clearly it tends to make it really worth while.

No less than everytime you shop for ocean fishing tackle online you're normally capable of acquiring excellent personal savings and avoid needing to pay needless costs. Be acquainted with the return and refund suggestions, since you have to make certain when for no matter what purpose you aren't happy with the fishing tackle, you may possess the ability to get yourself a refund or at greatest exchange it.

When you feel like taking on some freshwater carp and you are in need of a high quality carp alarm then you should look no further than the TLB Bite Alarms. To read more about these great alarms then You Could Try Here .
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